Crystal of the Week – Clear Quartz

Crystal of the Week

Clear Quartz

crystalClear Quartz is a commonly found crystal across the globe, and easily obtainable. It is a natural mineral found in the earth –Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). It has a hardness (or Moh) of 7 making it water safe too. It is frequently used in crystal therapy, sometimes standalone or with a mixture of other crystals in layouts or crystal configurations.

We use crystals in our everyday lives, even right now you’re using crystal powered technology – your Laptop, your phone, the T.V, your watch all powered by Clear Quartz crystal. These small pieces of natural rock are amplifying and sustaining the energy from the source whether that’s a charged battery or a lead. These crystals are also prolonging the power.

In crystal therapy Clear Quartz is known as the Master crystal. This is because easily adaptable and has a frequency which can be changed with the correct intention.  As we can see how we use Clear Quartz in everyday life we can now look into the versatility of it in a therapeutic sense. We already have established it is the Master crystal so how does that help us. Like some essential oil there is some that could be used for everything and anything. Clear Quartz is that of the crystal world. It adapts to the needs of the energy bodies (That’s the Aura or the subtle bodies such as the Emotional, Mental, Etheric, Soul bodies).

Clear Quartz is also changeable – by that I mean it can take on the energies of other crystals. For example if you intuitively feel the need to have a Red Jasper but you don’t have any or the time to go a buy one, the simple solution is to ask out loud or in your head for the Clear quart to take on that energy, to become a Red Jasper.


Disclaimer – Always Seek medical advise from your Doctor. Do not use these as stand alone remedies.


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