Never Forget About you…


I’ve been visiting family the last few day’s, (taken some time away from University work and came to visit Mum and Dad). Well aside from being a Student, I am also training as a Holistic Therapist (Physical and Energetic Treatments).

Now I’ve been here 3 day’s and not once have I had time to just Chill, I’ve been giving treatments. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and happily give them treatments I know how to give. But it dawned on me, what about me? Who will treat me?

As a therapist we feel like “Healing the World” (a bit hippy I know but its true!), We attach ourselves to the outcome of the treatment and if we don’t get what we expected we doubt ourselves(Ill say something later on about this). I have come to learn you can not Heal the World (Maybe you can just one person at a time) but most of all you must Heal YOURSELF!  

Think of this, you’re a Reiki practitioner, your body is a channel of the energy. Whilst you gain healing from the treatment you give do you give yourself enough? Possibly not as we in this line of work always (generally) think of others first.

Now picture this you are going to have a Reiki treatment off someone who does not do self healing, someone who eats junk all day every day, someone who is on Weed day in day out. Picture what their Channel would look like, Sluggish? Clogged? Needs a good Clean? Would you want someone like this to give you a treatment? Most possibly not! So why do we do it? Why do we not look after ourselves first before our friends, family and clients. Now I have used Reiki as an example but the same applies to Crystal, Colour, Massage, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Reflexology ETC….  We are always in a constant energy exchange with our clients regardless of the treatment being a physical or energetic one. 

Back to the whole attachment to the outcome. Why we shouldn’t make an attachment to the outcome, well that puts expectations to the treatment, it puts unspoken pressure on you as the therapist. Yes we want to see our clients gain healing for what they want and that’s fine but if you don’t care about what you client gets out of it, and don’t attach to the outcome you would possibly feel better as a therapist. For example I gave my Mum a Reflexology treatment to help with constipation I said “lets see what happens” I didn’t say it would work “but mum I don’t care, you will benefit one way or another”, This also applies to energy healing such as crystal therapy, if the client has come to get help with Depression I’m not actively going to try and help the depression because It’s not my decision to do that (Spiritually speaking) If that needs to shift it will shift and they therapy will help but instead of helping the depression maybe the clients sleeping pattern has improved that’s still a good outcome. That way we are not disappointed by what happens as we know its for the highest and greatest good for the client.

Right I’ve Blabbed on a bit too much (maybe?) But really think about what your body needs, go get a massage, go get a reiki treatment or whatever for YOU! And try (its hard i know) but try and not attach yourself to the outcome of your clients treatment for they will get what they need.


One thought on “Never Forget About you…

  1. Awesome post. I completely agree that to exchange healing, positive energy with a client we need to have that inside of us. Self-care is crucial. I also agree with the idea of letting go of the outcome. If we solely focus on the outcome, we are blind to the process. Saying, “This treatment will definitely lead to this result” reminds me of an article I read a while ago in Yoga Journal. The author wrote that when we’re obsessed with the outcome, we get “compassion fatigue.”

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