8 steps to empowering clients

This is a great Blog for fellow Therapist (and anyone to be honest)

Elizabeth Pfeiffer

This week’s blog is targeted toward  the Healer, the Coach and those who find themselves in a helping capacity but do not do it for a living. Today I invite you to ponder the question:

Do you empower/dis-empower your clients or friends?

LOL… Too funny – I heard you all say “no” with a tone of defense but hear me out… this is not a finger-pointing blog but rather another point of view on becoming more self-aware of how you are with people when they are in need of advice, guidance or assistance.

So let’s say your receive an email from a friend, client etc… and she tells you this long story about what she’s going through, what happened, what the other person did or said, and now wants your opinion, suggestion or perspective on how to proceed.

Do you…

1. Give her your perspective on the information provided?

2. Get…

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