Colour Therapy

colour therapy
Colour therapy is yet another amazing vibration healing method very much so like crystal therapy. Yet many people think colour therapy doesn’t have any significance. In fact colour therapy is one of the most powerful healing methods in the holistic world.

Our whole life we are exposed to colour, we are affected by colour everyday in more ways than we think. We speak in “colour code’s”. For example “seeing Red” “feeling Blue” “he/she is Green” “the Green eyed monster” all are common phrases relating to colour. Now imagine you are sitting in a room painted in complete red how do you feel? Warm? Angry? Energized? Now imagine that room is Blue… Notice the change in how you feel? Perhaps cooler? Calmer? Relaxed? 

That’s the impact colour has on our body. So how does it work? If we divide our body in to 7/8 parts, and follow the chakra system. Each section of the body has a colour that resonate with chakras. If our lower chakra the Base Chakra is out of balance with excessive RED energy it would be best to calm that down with some Blue energy. Digestive issues can be helped using Yellow. 

All that said is good but what happens in the actual therapy? Each therapist works differently, some would do a colour reading before a treatment to see what is happening in you life in the present moment. Then you would be put onto a therapy couch and have a treatment which would consist of placing coloured fabrics over the body or they would used coloured felt, feathers or ribbons some may even use coloured gels and perform something called colour puncture. 

My experience of colour therapy has been one of the most eye opening therapies yet! I once had terrible stomach craps ( now I am a guy so it’s not period pains) and after one treatment of colour therapy almost 12 months ago and not once have I had stomach craps again. Very eye opening in my view.

If you every have the opportunity give it a go and experience this amazing therapy.


—- Disclaimer —-

If you have any medical conditions always consult your GP, Doctor or Physician.


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